Live Streaming


Not on site and still in the heart of things

Livestreams offer the opportunity to share in real-time with everyone who cannot be there - at trade fairs, conferences, or events. Content can be conveyed in a targeted and user-oriented manner via the internet and accessed worldwide.

We support you in the realization of real-time marketing and develop target group concepts in advance, ranging from the integration of high-reach #actions to the development of a community.

Key Features

Professional cameras

Up to 8 professional cameras, streaming simultaneously from different perspectives

High quality sound

Good sound, whether it's a lecture, a panel discussion or a musician, is indispensable.

Live production

The image signals from all cameras are bundled in the live mixer. Other image sources such as belly bands, graphic animations, etc. can also be fed in.

Streaming services

Whether it's Cisco WebEx, GoToMeeting, Teams, Zoom, Slack, Google Hangouts, etc., or do you prefer to reach your target group with YouTube, Twitch, Facebook and Twitter?